Kombucha Brewing

Welcome to All About The ‘Booch!

My husband and I won a Kombucha starter kit at our girls’ school’s PTO parent mixer last fall (2016). I had heard about Kombucha (or ‘booch) and generally knew that it was good for you. But that was about the extent of my knowledge! Neither of us had even tasted ‘booch before!

Fast forward to summer of 2017… I am brewing about 10 gallons of ‘booch. I have an Instagram account, which hit 400 followers today – yay! I make and sell ‘booch inspired t-shirts (click here to check them out). And, I am toying with the idea of going commercial – eek! But before I get too carried away (although maybe I have passed that point?!), I figured I should start a blog where I can share our adventures in ‘booch making and other fun fermented foods.

I hope you choose to follow us and watch us grow!

Thanks for visiting.


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