Kombucha Brewing

What exactly is “‘booch”?!

If we are going to have a blog about 'booch, we should probably have a post that explains 'booch. Seems to make sense, right?

As I shared in my first post, when we won our 'booch starter kit, we didn't know much about what we had gotten ourselves into! Earlier in the year, we had started eating fermented veggies,  from the local farmer's market, to help our digestion. So we had a basic understanding of probiotics. Also, when our youngest daughter was a toddler, she was having non-stop earaches to the point we made an appointment for tubes, when my sister-in-law suggested probiotics. We put our daughter on chewable probiotics for kids and we were able to cancel her appointment for tubes! She hasn't had an earache since! So up to this point, we knew that probiotics were good for your tummy and helped replenish the good bacteria that antibiotics kills (from having earaches) and that's about it!

Queue Kombucha entering our lives…. Kombucha is a fermented tea that some say dates back to 221 BCE in China. But you are probably not looking for a history lesson and we aren't going to give one! We'll also skip the science lesson about fermentation and probiotics (for now).

Kombucha is an acquired taste. Raw 'booch tastes like apple cider vinegar (but don't let that scare you away!). Kombucha is loaded with probiotics – the good bacteria you want in your body! Probiotics are key to a healthy gut and there is a belief that a healthy gut is the key to a healthy mind and body. Probiotics are believed to help with digestion, detox your liver, boost your metabolism, create an overall balanced ecosystem in your body, and the list goes on!

Personally speaking, 'booch helps us digest our food and alcohol, especially when we've overindulged. 'Booch has helped reduce heart burn. 'Booch keeps us regular (sorry, you can't talk about probiotics without talking about #2 ;). 'Booch gives us a pick-me-up when we feel drained. And let's not forget, probiotics helped us avoid putting tubes in our baby girl's ears. And gosh darn it, 'booch is just good!

Of course, everyone has a different experience and has different results from probiotics/booch and we are only speaking from personal experience.

With all of the toxins in our lives, we feel like any help we can get to battle or offset the effects is worth a shot. Plus, we love the taste of our 'booch!



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